The main target groups of the Schola project are:

  1. Teachers at school - 10 in each country, a total of 50. The participants will be selected on their will to enhance their professional/academic career and/or their access to the national labour markets. Contacts with members of these target groups have already been gathered in a common data base through previous and current projects. The learners will be involved in the sessions of experimentation of the tool and method designed for the Schola project to identify the experience acquired by pupils/students and express them in terms of competences combining  basic skill/transversal skill offered by the Schola project.
  1. Educators in the broad sense professionals working with youngsters outside school- 10 per country, a total of 50. They are volunteers or paid staff with various educative and professional profiles. These professionals often lack the necessary and sufficient information about the Key competence approach.  At the end of the Schola project, the professionals/ tutors will be able to support other professionals by using an appropriate tool and method and being able to adapt their profiles according to the basic skill/transversal skill the most relevant. Furthermore, professionals in charge of mentors will be better informed on the Key competence process and so will be able to establish more easily the link between the expectations s of the learners and the needs expressed by the local actors of school education. The professionals/tutors will be involved in the sessions of experimentation of the mentoring/tutoring offered to them.
  1.  Key stakeholders- 80 per country a total of people working in the field of lifelong learning and/or leaders and executives of associations will be involved in the national seminars, held at least once a year - 10 key stakeholders will be involved directly in the national seminars plus 70 other stakeholders involved indirectly in the different activities offered by the Schola project such as public for the national weblogs, leaflets and newsletters. This means a total of 400 people for the 5 countries if we gather all types of stakeholders.


The promotion 2017 presenting a show at the College Blaise Pascal- June 2017

The promotion 2017 of the yougsters receiving a certificate designed by their teacher Camille (May 2017)

The promotion 2017 of the yougsters receiving their certificate of Volunteering (November 2017)